Because there is no respect for the planet without respect for people, MythsCeuticals has established close ties with about a hundred small producers.

Partnership and fairness are the key words of this policy, as shown by the MythsCeuticals project, which harmoniously combines ethical commitment and the creation of a production source for top quality essential oils.

MythsCeuticals is a pioneer in this respect. Step by step, it has forged a new road to success, an alternative business model that has already proved its worth.
Dynamic, yet respectful towards the planet and the people who cultivate its riches, MythsCeuticals committed to an action combining fair trade and sustainable development. The project was ambitious and, in agriculture, patience is measured in years. It was necessary to clear, plant and harvest first. Our reward is commensurate with the work accomplished. Today, the Lavender, Geranium and Ylang-ylang come from our partner farm. Tomorrow, when the plants reach maturity, Ravintsara and Eucalyptus will be distilled there.

MythsCeuticals continues to believe that some distant dreams do come true. You can show us we are right.