French MythsCeuticals Essential Oil Series | French MythsCeuticals Ampoules Series

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French MythsCeuticals Essential Oil Series

Tea Tree  
Sweet Orange   
Ylang Ylang 
Juniper Berry  



Lemon Citronella  
Jojoba Oil
Oilve Oil 
Grapeseed Oil
Evening Primrose Oil 
Plant Oil 
Sweet Almond Oil  

Oily Acne Essential Oil Complex 
Whitening & Moisturizing Essential Oil Complex 
Anti-Sensitive & Moisturizing Essential Oil Complex 
Astringent & Whitening Essential Oil  Complex
Facial & Firming Essential Oil Complex 
Rose Bulgarian Essential Oil Complex 
Slimming & Firming Essential Oil Complex 
Bust Developing Essential Oil Complex 
Nerve Blend Essential Oil Complex 
Ginger Body Essential Oil Complex 



French MythsCeuticals Ampoules Series

MythsCeuticals Ampoules Series are airtight glass containers that are filled with a concentration of highly active ingredients. MythsCeuticals Ampoules Series contain botanical extracts, vitamins and enzymes in various combinations and do not have any preservatives or chemicals due to the airtight packaging. These ampoules are designed to address every skin conditions and deficiency. MythsCeuticals Ampoules Series can have remarkable effects on various skin conditions, irritations, hyper – pigmentation, as well as, aging. Visible results are achieved within a short time after application. MythsCeuticals Ampoules Series are commonly used in beauty salons during facials/before make up application. You can use it for special occasions or incorporate it into your skincare regime. Makeup lasts longer as it is helpful in controlling sebum and makes our face looks less oily. Skin feels very soft and hydrated after application.

Application: To obtain maximum results, carry out the treatment of 10 to 15 days. After careful cleansing, distribute the content of the MythsCeuticals Ampoules evenly over the face, neck and decollate. Apply light massage with pinching movements until the ingredient is fully absorbed. Then apply day cream or foundation in the evening before applying any night cream. No Toner is required after application of ampoule. Do not used on open wound or peeling skin.

1) Soothing Ampoule
Indication: Sensitive, dry and irritated skin.
- Perfect for sensitive complexion, diffuse redness.
- Normalize the suppleness of skin, calms irritation and inflammation.

2) Azulen Ampoule
Indication: Sensitive, dry and irritated skin.
- Diffuse redness.
- Desensitizes all forms of irritation
- Soothing, clarifying and softening effect.

 3) Collagen Ampoule
Indication: Dehydrated skin, dull and loose skin. (Suitable for ageing skin)
- A direct anti-wrinkle complex containing native collage and hydrolyzed collagen that re-hydrates and firm loose and sagging skin.
- Anti-ageing, moisturizing, collagen and elastin strengthener.

 4) Trace Elements Ampoule
Indication: Dry, dehydrated and tired skin.
- Provide essential minerals needed by the skin cells to rebuild the membranes for its normal functioning.
- Revitalizes tired skin.

 5) DNA Ampoule
Indication: All skin type (Suitable for mature skin, not recommend for Sensitive skin)
- It helps to rejuvenate and repair the skin after external aggressions (UV light, pollution, stress ).
- Smoothers the skin and refines it texture.
- Restores the structure of a young, firm and clear complexion.

 6) Fresh Cell Ampoule
Indication: All skin type (Suitable for young skin, not recommend for Sensitive skin)
- Improve Skin texture and elasticity.
- It also moisturizes and minimizes fine liner.
- Prolong use will result in firmer, smoother, softer and glowing complexion.

 7) Elastin Ampoule
Indication: All skin type
- Restore elasticity and suppleness to the skin.
- Prevent formation of fine age lines through the elastin’s firming action.

 8) Lifting Astringent Ampoule
Indication: All Skin type (Suitable for young skin)
- Strengthens skin elasticity, suppleness and firmness.
- Refines skin texture and minimizes orange-peel.

 9) Firming Ampoule
Indication: All skin type. (Suitable for mature skin, and bust also, avoid nipple area.)
- Strengthens the epithelial structure, restores firmness, curve tone and suppleness of skin.
- Providing lifting effect from the base of the bust to the neck.

 10) Mandarin Ampoule
Indication: Oily skin and open pores skin.
- It has purifying, antiseptic and astringent properties.
- Regulates oil glands, sebum secretions and restores skin electrolytes balance, tightening pores and leave skin clear matt.

 11) Purifying Ampoule
Indication: Acne, pimple and oily skin.
- Regulates excessive sebaceous section.
- Soothes irritated area
- Has an antiseptic effect on acne and pimple skin.

 12) Vitamin C Ampoule
Indication: All skin type.
- It has purifying and astringent qualities.
- Detoxified the skin and tightens pores

 13) Eye Pouch Ampoule
Indication: For treatment of delicate skin around the eye zone are.
- Increase the hydration of the epidermal horny layer of the skin around the eye zone are.
- Helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines in the eye contour area.
- Minimizes dark circles and reduces puffiness.

 14) Whitening Ampoule
Indication: All skin type. (No recommend for Acne skin)
- Bleaching and whitening
- Clarifies dark spots.
- Contains combination of vitamins & Vitamin derivatives which are able to suppress the formation of melanin.

 15) Bust Ampoule
Indication: All skin type
- Strengthens the epithelial structure.
- Restores tone and suppleness to the skin
- Formulated for intensive bust-lifting action, it stimulates fibroblast cells to restore elasticity.